My journey in art started as a 3 year old and without any training until I took 1 semester of Art in college. I always felt a bit of a misfit until I discovered my gifts made me special.  I am very diverse in my artistic skills which include art works in the genre of Fine Art, Illustration, Abstract, Realism, Still Life, Charcoals and Murals.  My skills also include graphics, photography, sculpture and painting restoration. Record companies and individual businesses have hired me to create branding, advertising, marketing and music product materials.  I have worked over 30 years for an array of clients in the entertainment, music and business industry. One of the highlights of my career was when I earned a Grammy Award for CD Design in 2004.

I have over 75 paintings inventoried at major Prop houses in Hollywood and have worked with and photographed well known musicians throughout the past 20 years. My paintings can be seen in Blockbuster movies from Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount and more. Some of the top TV Shows such as Scandal, True Blood, American Horror Story, Mad Men, House, 24, The Mentalist, Californication, CSI Miami, Heroes, Shark, 11th Hour and 100’s more have used my paintings on their sets.  This started by my sneaking on Sonys Lot in Culver City with my portfolio and being hired to work at the top Mural Company in the production business.

My florals are mainly as a curiosity of what exactly is inside a flower.  I started photographing and painting large scale flowers, fell in love with the entire process and have been obsessed since.  I have been told by many clients that they can actually smell the flower when they unbox it.  I find this truly remarkable and humbling that not only do my florals touch the visual and emotional senses, they often wake up sense (or smell) memory.

Currently being sold worldwide on Music Products is the ‘Joey Wester Collection’ through Chromacast, Amazon and Walmart.  If I could have one big wish, I would create a school of ARTS that would encompass all the arts, all ethnicities and those with disabilities. We all have a uniqueness that we understand about each other as creative beings… when that happens its a beautiful world. Perhaps someday I will create that…. 

Joey Wester