My wife and I commissioned an outdoor mahogany sculpture for Pilgrim School in Los Angeles, which was completed and installed in September 2002.  The work consists of five larger-than-life figures of children and a dog which are vividly painted in elaborate detail.  Since 2004 I have utilized Joey Wester’s services to repaint the figures as needed because of children scuffing them up while playing on them and deterioration from smog, heat/cold, wetness /dryness, and expansion/contraction of the wood caused by changes in the weather.  

Joey has been wonderful to work with and has a remarkable ability to recapture the technique and colors used by the original artist and to restore the figures to the look and feel they had when they were first installed.  I will continue to use Joey to restore the sculpture for as long as I live and expect my son to continue to utilize her services after I am gone.  I highly recommend her to others.
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The painting had an area that had chipped off the canvas.  A repair was done to fill the hole, color match and technique match for restoration.  

PSW - Prop Services West

Eniter frame was in bad shape, crumbing and needed restoration. After careful sanding, preping and color/technique matching it was as good as new.