Joey Wester spent most of her childhood drawing, painting and listening to music and later performing in rock bands. Her art career really began in 1996 after she snuck onto Sony Pictures lot with her portfolio and snuck into the building where they ‘hid‘ the Master Artists of the greatest backdrops in the entertainment industry, JC Backings! As a result of her “visit” to Sony, she was hired by JC Backings and was the first woman in 7 years to work for the company along with the masters.  Later her career expanded further as she bacame known as an artist capable of emulating the masters as well as creating her own unique signature of color, technique, styles and texture to create artworks for the Movie/TV/Music Industry as well as private collectors.

For the past 18 years, Wester has over 75 paintings inventoried at major Prop houses in Hollywood and has worked with and photographed well known musicians for promotional materials. Her paintings have been used in Blockbuster movies from Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount and more. Some of the top TV Shows such as Scandal, True Blood, American Horror Story, Mad Men, House, 24, The Mentalist, Californication, CSI Miami, Heroes, Shark, 11th Hour and 100’s more have used her paintings on their sets.

Joey Wester is very diverse utilizing several artistic skills spanning over 30 years as an artist.  In addition to art work for production, she has developed marketing materials for an array of different clients in the entertainment, music and business industry, one of which earned her a Grammy Award for CD Design in 2004. Along with record companies and individual businesses, she has created branding, advertising, marketing and music product materials. She continues to evolve as she constantly creates new ideas. 

Currently her artwork, ‘The Joey Wester Collection’ is being sold and promoted worldwide on Music Products for Chromacast which Walmart just picked up 2 years ago.  She is currently working on a few inventions and wakes up every day thankful for another day to be creative.