Black Lines III - Acrylic on Canvas 71" x 55"

Sixty nationally syndicated TV shows, including some of today’s hottest, such as Scandal, Blood and Oil, True Blood, some in worldwide reruns. Nineteen feature films, over 60 TV commercials, mostly national. Just imagine the number of viewers who have seen and appreciated Joey Wester’s art work over the past 20 years. Such is the life of a Hollywood artist, creating the background fine art pieces for the TV and movie industry. 

Black Lines III has been used on the following sets: Justice, 24, Heroes, Shark, Farmers, Advil, Love and Dancing, Raising Hope, Monk, CSI Miami, Love N Dancing, 11th Hour, Mad Men, House, Rules of Engagement, Run For Her Life, The Exes, Eagleheart, Cotton, The Saint, Beverly Hills Cop III, Raising Hope, Toyota, Scandal, The Grinder, Blood and Oil, Castle, Masters of Sex