About Joey Wester

Grammy Award winning designer  Joey Wester has a career spanning over 30 years creating high impact marketing materials and stunning artwork for an array of different clients in the both entertainment and music industry. Her paintings can be seen in Blockbuster movies fromDreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, Paramount and more. Some of the top TV Shows such as Scandal, True Blood, American Horror Story, Mad Men, House, 24, The Mentalist, Californication, CSI Miami, Heroes, Shark, 11th Hour and 100’s more have used her work on their sets.  

Her designs are being sold worldwide on Music Products ‘Joey Wester Collection’ through Chromacast, Amazon and Walmart. She has over 75 paintings inventoried at major Prop houses in Hollywood and has worked with and photographed well known musicians.  Along with record companies and individual businesses creating branding, advertising, marketing and music product materials she continues to evolve as she is constantly creating new ideas and currently working on a few inventions